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Your Character(s) here fusion commission
SlammichForsale by DoodleDowd
Have 3 ladies get fused together like this! Simple as that!
Only 1 slot available!
Was awesome again! Definitely definitely gotta do this again!
:bulletgreen:During this stream, it will be ALL requests! 
:bulletgreen:Fairly simple requests, (single images and the like)
:bulletgreen:But the catch is that I'll only work on your request while listening to music you've suggested. So bring plenty.
:bulletgreen:If you can suggest the songs that I REALLY like, you can get lots of points! If you have some of the most points at the end of the stream, you'll win a prize! (More on that later)
:bulletgreen:If I finish your request before the playlist you've compiled is over, we'll just put the rest of those songs on hold, till I get back to drawing a request for you again (gotta let other people offer music/get requests too)
:bulletgreen:People with simpler requests may get buffs to their priority status over other returning requesters.
:bulletgreen:If your request takes longer than 30-45 mins to get anywhere near done, we'll have to put it on pause and move to the next request. (to keep people with slightly complicated requests from having a super advantage over people with simple requests.)
:bulletgreen:I understand you can't sit still in a stream the WHOLE day, if you wander off/get busy with something when your turn comes up, we'll simply put you under the next active person in the stream until you make it back. (Of course if you're gone for too long, other people will earn more points than you!)
:bulletgreen:If you have to leave the stream before I finish your request, you might want to make sure your playlist has plenty of songs, if your request will go beyond the 30-45min mark, and we move on to the rest of the requests, when I get back to you and you're still not here, I can simply resume work on your request and listen to the rest of your playlist, but if it the playlist runs out before I can finish, it'll stop your request in it's tracks until you can make it back to add to your play list. (also note that if you're not around to watch your request be drawn and I have questions about what I'm drawings, I'll fill in the blanks with artistic freedom)
0 pts - Song wasn't working, song was missing, song was SUPER short, was noticeably a same song you had suggested already, or just couldn't be listened to the end.
1 pt - Song was listened to for it's whole duration.
2 pts - Song was so good I wanted to add it to my personal playlist! (but couldn't find it on Grooveshark... :( )
3 pts - Song was so good I added it to my personal playlist!
1 pt - Was a 2 or 3 point song, but somebody had already suggested it earlier.
SO even if you can't find the songs that really tickle my fancy, you can still earn points through sheer number.
:bulletgreen:What kind of music is applicable? 
Full songs! No intro/outro-sized songs from animes/shows.
Aim for at least 3 mins for a song. BUT hey if falls a little short, that'll be okay.
Also don't worry about having same songs as other people. As long as you don't repeat a song in your own playlist, it still gets a point!
ALSO your songs must be in playlist form, do not just keep posting links in the stream that I'll have to keep stopping what I'm doing to copy and paste them into a browser just to get to the next song.

:bulletgreen:What's the prize?! You get a FREE commission-quality request.
A sequence, a super detailed drawing, a single comic page, you name it.
-There will be 1 winner!
-Request/song suggestion goes first come first serve, with new comers taking priority over returning requesters.
-Eventually, late into the stream, I'll drop a Cut-off point, in which no more people may be added to the wait list for requesting/get back in line.
I think that's about the total run-down on this idea. So if you wish to participate, I'd encourage a bit of prep work!
-Compile playlists, (youtube or grooveshark are good for that, I even got spotify this time around.[though I have no idea how it works yet])
-Think about what you'd like drawn and have those handy references!
-If you don't want to deal with the competitive side, you can opt out of earning points, and just simply request/suggest songs.

:bulletgreen:When's this happening? I am aiming for April 17th, Friday morning through the afternoon Central standard time and stopping at Dinner time. Keep an eye out for an update for an exact time.

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Preemptive requests? Let me know!
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Howdy howdy, Dowd's my name, BUT you can call me Doodle.
I like to draw stuff. Noticeably, favorite things to draw are slime girls and fusion, and typically in the same picture.
OTHER interests include video games, anime, horseshoe crabs, assembly lines, and pizza. I'm sure there's other stuff, but why list everything here?

I appreciate all support :D by Timesplitter92Fasen Approved Stamp by DoodleDowdI draw what I want stamp by izka197ThingsHeatUp by rosariocentralplzI love Horseshoe Crabs by WishmasterAlchemist
Desco Stamp by Hime--NyanCatDuckDance by rosariocentralplz.: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-KotI love Megaman by ChaoticMarinRozalin Stamp by GoldenSama
Nichijou Stamp by KishiFishyNichijou Stamp by daisykartNichijou Stamp by lRenlBorderlands Stamp by bopxBorderlands: Sirens Stamp by immature-giraffe
Medusa uprising stamp by Belmondo4447Lady Palutena Stamp by lapraskingKid Icarus Uprising Stamp by ZenfyreViridi Stamp by lapraskingPhosphora Stamp by laprasking
Tao Love Stamp by reikokoroFighting Game stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stampswreck-it ralph stamp by Pharaoh-Ink:P by MikubaStampVanillaware Stamp by Oh-Desire
206 - Dunsparce by MarlenesstampsLeague Of Legends Stamp by simoverdeJinx Stamp by DamasathOdin sphere stamp by Ketty-MintOdin Sphere: Oswald-Gwendolyn by DemonKaizoku


Check for journal entries for when I'm streaming for sure!

Before you ask...

Requests are only taken during certain streams.


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Because I want to see your face

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I know big, I'll make a video game either indie, For Wii U.
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Hopefully I did not earn my ideas to create it.
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I made a Morpher Manor group on steam:…
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